How to use our Decentralized Referral Program

Here is a tutorial on how to generate your unique Saturn referral link to share, for joining our strategic investor programs. A decentralized cryptocurrency referral program!

How to use our Decentralized Referral Program

No need to create an account or wait for any approval process. Saturn HODL dApp's decentralized crypto referral program is accessible to everyone. You can start earning tokens on every successful referral just by sharing your unique link. And as our cryptocurrency referral program is decentralized, there is no risk of losing your funds as the pay out process is powered by smart contracts. Finally, a cryptocurrency referral program that actually works and everyone can enjoy!

What are the requirements to join?

None at all! Saturn Exchange onboarding process will walk you through setting up your referral link. If you do want to get a little head start, make sure you have access to a cryptocurrency wallet with an integrated dApp browser. Here is a list of crypto wallets we have tested to be compatible with our trading platform:

How to use DEX | List of Compatible dApp browsers | Saturn Exchange
Here you can find a collection of cryptocurrency wallets with integrated dApp browsers for Ethereum or Ethereum Classic network. Each one has been tested on Saturn Exchange.

How to get started?

  1. First you generate your unique Saturn referral link, which you do in the My HODL dashboard. Here is an example:
  2. Share your link! It is that simple, anyone who participates in Saturn HODL on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic following your link will count as a successful referral for you.

How does it work?

  1. You can track your successful crypto referrals to our strategic investor program in the same dashboard. For example, as per below, we can see my referral invested 2 ETC.
  2. The amount of tokens received from referrals, and the date you can redeem them will also be indicated on the dashboard. Here is my example:

The amount from your referral also counts towards increasing your Saturn Rewards level. This is an additional incentive for sharing your referral link, as it will increase the rewards bonus you can receive when joining one of our HODL programs with your own investment. So as you can see this is a cryptocurrency referral program that actually works!

Saturn Rewards: How it works?
Buy SATURN and STRN tokens to invest in ETH, ETC decentralized exchange. Use our new reward system to earn on referrals to our Saturn HODL program

For any investors you meet who wish to learn more about Saturn Network before joining HODL 2020 Investment Program, then I would suggest sharing with them our recently updated Roadmap:

Saturn Network Roadmap
Saturn Network Roadmap outlines a path to decentralized financial freedom powered by blockchains, smart contracts, DEXs and cryptocurrency.

Happy referring!

Remember to follow Team Saturn on Twitter to find the latest announcements, and you can always discuss in the comments below or in our Reddit community.