How to use Trust Wallet on Saturn Exchange

Saturn Exchange is 100% mobile friendly, which means you can use mobile cryptocurrency wallets such as Enjin, Cipher or Trust to trade tokens on DEX. We recommend using Trust if you are on mobile, as it supports multiple networks and will allow you to trade on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

Things To Know Before You Proceed:

  • Trust Wallet’s gas estimations are not always ideal, we recommend you higher your gas limit manually before approving a transaction, setting 160k gas limit should be fine for any transaction, remember unspent gas is refunded to you.
  • All trading on Saturn Network is done in ONE transaction. This means you could be sending ETH or ETC, receiving your bought tokens and also receiving your SATURN reward within the same transaction. Trust Wallet sometimes will not display your full transaction history as it cannot parse everything correctly.

By default when creating a wallet in Trust, the App is operating in multi-currency mode. This allows you to swap networks while in the dApp browser by clicking the little Ethereum icon at the top left.

Multi Currency dApp browser

While you can use Trust in multi currency mode on our platform, it can get a little confusing. Therefore, we recommend setting up your Ethereum and Ethereum Classic as single currency wallets.

How to use Trust Wallet in Single Currency Mode?

  1. Press the (+) icon when you are in the list of your wallets, from the Settings menu.

  2. Select I already have a wallet and choose Ethereum or Ethereum Classic. Enter in your seed phrase or private key to import your wallet. Note that you can import your existing multi currency wallet as a single ETH or ETC wallet, just import using your Trust seed phrase.

  3. Now you just need to ensure you have selected your ETH or ETC wallet and not multi-currency before opening the dApp browser.

How to know you are in single currency mode?

When you have opened Trust dApp browser, if you click the network icon while in single currency mode, you will find the list is only one blockchain:

Single Currency dApp browser

If you come across any issues while using our platform on Trust, reach out via the following email:

[email protected]

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