Incompatible Tokens Flagged on Exchange

We will now display warning messages on token order books that have confirmed reports of being incompatible with Saturn Protocol. This is to avoid traders permanently losing their funds.

Incompatible Tokens Flagged on Exchange

We will now flag incompatible tokens on the exchange if we have received reports that traders are facing issues to trade the asset. When a token is flagged a message will be displayed on top of the asset's order book, which will serve as a warning to traders that any attempt to trade this token is at their own risk.

Warning Message

Warning Message on order book

The reason we have decided to start flagging tokens is because due to the limitations in ERC20 design it can result in traders permanently losing the incompatible ERC20 tokens. Saturn Protocol is developed to be an open, decentralized and censorship free exchange protocol, which means there are not any centralized admin features that could move tokens out of our smart contracts.

Our self listing guide outlines that projects are responsible for testing their market before announcing their new exchange listing, and provides steps to follow to test each trading operation: creating new orders, trading in both directions (buy & sell) and cancelling open orders.

It also specifically notes to contact us if your token fails one of these tests. We have included several reference implementations that are guaranteed to work on our Github, that token developers can refer to if they are developing a new ERC20 or ERC223 token.

Stay safe!

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