Instant Token Swaps powered by Atomic Arbitrage

Instant Token Swaps is now live powered by Atomic Arbitrage! ~$7,000 to be distributed in SATURN tokens as a new trade mining reward.

Instant Token Swaps powered by Atomic Arbitrage

We have launched Instant Token Swaps which you will now find live on our landing, powered by Atomic Arbitrage. It uses our own Oracle that detects the best prices across multiple decentralized exchanges. The beauty about creating an Atomic Order is that as the market maker you enjoy zero trading fees, and will also receive SATURN tokens as reward for trading.


Additional SATURN Trade Reward

To celebrate our new feature going live, we have allocated 5 Million SATURN tokens (~$7,000) towards an additional trade mining reward specially for Atomic Arbitrage. This reward is distributed based on volume and also received instantly during the same transaction of your trade. For every 1 ETH of volume traded via Atomic Orders, you would receive 5,000 SATURN tokens.

Benefit of SATURN tokens
By holding SATURN tokens you are a Saturn DAO member. Here we look at the benefit of SATURN tokens, from protocol governance to profit sharing.

Note the additional trade mining reward is not currently being displayed on our UI, don't worry though, just check your wallet - it will be there.

What is live in the initial release?

Traders are able create Atomic Orders at the instant price, which is the price that will allow the trades to be executed nearly immediately. Currently, Atomic Arbitrage is integrated with Kyber Network and available for a select amount of tokens. We plan to release an upgrade which will enable custom limit orders, add more tokens and additional DEX within the month.

Top 4 by users (Source:

The new release is off to a great start with Saturn Network currently entering the Top 5 exchange rankings on Ethereum by users!

Happy Trading!

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