Integrated with Pocket Network Mainnet

We are now using Pocket's mainnet decentralized relay infrastructure for our Ethereum requests. Hurrah for node decentralization!

Integrated with Pocket Network Mainnet

Happy to announce we finished integrations in our backend to use Pocket Network's mainnet for Ethereum requests. Saturn Protocol is now using unstoppable infrastructure! What this means is that our web3 requests are going through Pocket's decentralized relay network. As a result, we are no longer relying on any centralized provider or one node server to keep things running.

Node decentralization

Growing amount of teams trusting Pocket!

We are part of a growing number of teams building applications that are choosing Pocket to connect to blockchains over any centralized providers.

Developers have been forced to rely on centralized infrastructures to connect to blockchains, resulting in rising prices, limited access, and the unreliability that comes with centralization.

After using Pocket's MVP successfully for the past 9 months, we are very excited to start using the new features such as Pocket Dashboard. This will bring all the functionalities that developers are familiar with using on a centralized service, such as easily tracking the usage statistics of RPC endpoints.

To any teams unhappy with their infrastructure setup or simply finding it too time-consuming to manage, we highly recommend looking at Pocket Network as a solution. Team Pokt is always quick to respond, happy to help, eager to provide support, and listen to feedback. Essentially, they just want to be sure you can build an unstoppable application.

And to node providers, don't you want to get paid for running your full node? Learn more below.

Future is bright!