Interface Updates and Charts

We now have a new user interface for handling ERC20 Approval transactions, updated order pages and display OHLCV charts for every token. Come have a look!

Interface Updates and Charts

We have recently made some user interface updates, which aim to vastly improve your trading experience - for new users and experienced traders alike. The aim was to add in notifications and messages to our UI that will help onboard new users and also provide some features that regular traders will enjoy.

OHLCV Charts

We are now generating OHLCV charts for every token marketplace, these appear once you open the order book. Here is an example for Saturn Classic:

Saturn Classic DAO Token

This provides immediate market data to traders which will help them read current trading trends and put together their trading strategies. If you are not familiar with reading OHLCV charts and what they mean, you can find a full breakdown in this market analysis article.

Order Interface Updates

We have also improved how the on-site flow works if you needed to submit an ERC20 Approve transaction. If you are trading an ERC20 token for the first time, you will now be greeted with the following screen:

ERC20 Approval process

Which will walk you through the ERC20 approval process before sending you on to the order page. We believe this will help with the confusion around needing to submit two transactions when you are trading an ERC20 token for the first time.

The order page itself has also received some little tweaks, it now resembles the interface we use for our HODL dApp.

New Order Page

Which allows you to either enter the amount of tokens you would like to buy or simply enter the amount of coin you wish to spend. And it also helps you understand what our Trade Mining Reward is with a handy link.

Network Notifications

The new interface goes along nicely with the warning messages you will receive if you are on the wrong network. For example, if you access an ETC token's order book while connected to Ethereum we now display a helpful message on what you need to do.

Notification to switch network

These updates will really improve a first time user's trading experience, and will help minimise the number of people that just give up in frustration. A great test you could do is ask a friend or family member who is not familiar with Saturn Network or even if they are not familiar with cryptocurrency, and see if they can figure out how to make a trade. And then, let us know the outcome!

We would love to see your feedback, so if you have an idea come let us know.

Future is bright!

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