Introducing Our AUS Advisor Ivan

Please welcome and meet Ivan our AUS Advisor who will be promoting Saturn Network at an event in Melbourne!

Introducing Our AUS Advisor Ivan

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to give you an update on team Saturn as this week our advisory team has grown by one, please give a warm welcome to Ivan or as you may know him on telegram Crika! Ivan will be representing Saturn Network at an upcoming cryptocurrency event in Melbourne, Australia at the end of June.

The event is a yearly meetup which involves many upcoming blockchain & technology startups in Australia. A chance for us to continue our plan of raising brand awareness, networking locally and building connections for the future. And of course, finding new investors!

Ivan has a strong background in marketing and has attended this event in the past, which means he is in an ideal position to promote our vision & existing products. Furthermore, he is also currently part of the Callisto team so is very experienced when it comes to explaining cryptocurrency!

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Hi Ivan, welcome! So tell us a little bit about yourself and how did you find the world of crypto?

Hi Sam, first of all, thank you for welcoming me into the Saturn Community and giving me the opportunity to tell you a bit about myself.

I am originally from Croatia. I have lived in Germany and studied for a few years before coming out to Australia with my family where I have now been for many years. I do have a bit of an accent when I talk, due to I guess being Croatian, living in Germany and Australia so my accent is very mixed… People think I am from South Africa 😊. I do call Australia home now and to be honest, would not wish to live anywhere else. I do go back ever so often to visit my family overseas in Croatia.

Since Bitcoin started out I always knew about it in the back of my head but I never really fully invested my time into it. However a few years ago I was visiting my family in Croatia and it was during the Christmas Season and it was very cold. My cousin who is a mechanic had a garage and he was in short sleeves inside the garage. I thought to myself this guy is crazy: it's -15°C outside, even the house is freezing let alone his garage. So I went downstairs and I felt this heat, I said I didn’t know you have heaters down here... And then he showed me all these graphic cards hanging down and he said this is how I warm the place and it pays me…

That’s when I started to really look into crypto and have not looked back since.

Is cryptocurrency quite big in Australia or very niche?

Cryptocurrency is getting bigger and bigger in Australia, especially after the boom we had mid to end of last year. Even the Australian government seems to be behind it now as they have actually given grants to crypto startups such as Power Ledger. It is very easy to deposit your crypto into your bank account through numerous Australian websites and the government is very lean on the tax side of things (At the moment). So a lot of people see this as good investment strategy and obviously the mining benefits of that as well. The last report I read, Australia was ranked 14th in the world by BTC trade volume. I guess being ranked 14th in the world would make it a rather big :)

Great and currently you also help manage Callisto's community?

Yes, currently I look after the Callisto Reddit community and also help out with marketing and submissions of Articles. At the early stage of Callisto launch, I was also helping the team with getting listed on exchanges.

I know you do a lot for their subreddit, do you have any quality tips for any company trying to grow their presence on Reddit?

I think Reddit is very underrated. It gives the community all a chance to ask questions on a specific topic they want to know more information on. Also, it gives the Moderator the power to send out any information back to the community, which always stays on Reddit, unlike Twitter which is more for in the moment news. Reddit seems to be neglected by a lot of crypto communities, but I really do believe that its one of the best tools to keep the community engaged in your product. The main tip would be to keep posting regular content and keep the users engaged and get them involved.

Cool well in that spirit anyone is welcome to start a discussion on our Reddit and we will definitely join in! When did you first hear about Saturn Network? Did you immediately know it was something you wanted to be a part of?

I first heard of Saturn when I started with Callisto. The more I looked into Saturn the more it made sense for the project to succeed and exist. Once I did my research I jumped on board the ICO. If you just look at their telegram group the team is very engaged with the community and very down to earth, very welcoming and very knowledgeable in their product, I am very proud and honoured to be part of the advisory team and community.

Could you tell our readers a little about this event and why you think it will be a benefit for us?

This event I attended last year as well. It’s an invite-only event which is all about new start-ups in Australia. There are a lot of people that come to this event from all over Australia and Asia. People get to find out what’s coming out, what’s new and updates in general about Crypto. Last year I had a very long conversation about crypto with the minister of Innovation and Science, not sure if he will be attending this year but if he does he will know about the Saturn Network by the end of the night.

It would benefit us because I will be able to speak to different attendees that are in crypto space about our product, how it works and the benefits of it and spreading the word can only be good. I actually look forward to attending this event and will report back how it all went 😊.

Great to hear, thank you! Welcome to team SATURN!