Introducing Shareable & Individual Order Links

A new feature has been added to Saturn Network that let's you easily share your order links via social media or messaging apps. Alice & Bob are making use of it, so should you?

Introducing Shareable & Individual Order Links

Hello everyone!

We wanted to quickly highlight a new feature on Saturn Network that allows you to easily share your individual order links. One transaction trading ensures it is very straightforward to share your individual order links via various social media platforms, or message them directly to waiting traders. Even someone who is not familiar with our decentralized exchange, will be able to set themselves up to use your order link in a matter of minutes because all trading is done wallet to wallet without the need of any account creation or making a deposit.

The best way to illustrate how easy the process of decentralized trading is on Saturn Network is to show you via video, here you can watch Alice & Bob make use of our one-click shareable order links!

So how does it work?

Essentially when you create a new buy or sell order, you will be presented with four social media icons on the right: Telegram, Twitter, Reddit or WhatApps that allow you to quickly share your order link.


Alternatively, you can open up the My Orders section where you can check every order you have created and use the copy to clipboard button:


We hope you like this new feature, which we believe is a first for any decentralized exchange to implement! And please continue to provide feedback via our forum, most if not all of your suggestions have been amazing.

Happy trading! Or happy sharing?

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