Leaderboards Update and New Contact Email

Here we discuss our plans for implementing trading leaderboards on our platform, and also please note our main contact email has been updated.

Leaderboards Update and New Contact Email

Our primary contact email has recently been updated.

The official contact email for Team Saturn is now the following:

[email protected]

Feel free to reach out regarding any business proposals, listing or launchpad assistance, press enquiries or support using any of our tools and products. Moving forward we will also be using this email to provide updates via our newsletter, so be sure to subscribe if you have not done already.

Trading Leaderboard Update

Our team has been hard at work to complete the last two development milestones we set during our first MultiChain Saturn HODL program. Do not fear, you will not have to wait too long before seeing trading leaderboards implemented onto our platform!

We would like to use our existing airdrop tool to distribute rewards amongst top traders according to the trading leaderboard. Most likely we will start by using SATURN tokens, and then moving forward work with other projects to provide various tokens as prizes.

It would be great to hear some feedback from our community in regards to this concept:

  • How regularly should we distribute prizes? Weekly or monthly?
  • What should be the main ranking for the leaderboard? We think it should be volume traded, as this can very easily be displayed as by the number of Saturn tokens a trader has trade mined.
  • What places on the leaderboard should be considered a winner? As in would you prefer it being bigger prizes for few or smaller prizes for many.
  • Should there be a minimum number of trades completed or orders created required to be eligible?

That was just a couple of questions to get your mind flowing, if you have any different ideas then let's hear them! We have created a thread on our forum to discuss this further, please come join in.

Happy trading!

Be sure to follow Team Saturn on Twitter to never miss another update, thank you for the support!