Looking back at 2019

A year's worth of trading statistics from the exchange, development highlights and more! It has been an amazing journey so far and there is only more to come!

Looking back at 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Team Saturn

This past year 2019 has been an incredible journey for Saturn Network: we have overcome obstacles, completed development milestones and seen explosive growth in our platform's usage. Achievements that would not have been possible without the tireless efforts from our Saturn DAO members, supporters, and partners. A big thank you goes out from Team Saturn to all of you, and we hope you are excited as we are for what is to come!

A Year of Exchange Statistics

Here are a couple of exchange trading stats for you to summarise a year of trading on our platform.

  • Trades: 24,556
  • Orders: 16,990
  • ETH Trading Volume: 1,632 ETH
  • ETC Trading Volume: 37,243 ETC
  • Trading Volume USD: $305,337

Since launch, we now have 400 tokens listed and spotted 2,291 users interact with our smart contracts which have resulted in 40,935 SATURN and 916,929 STRN being trade mined.

Development Highlights

Let's take a moment to look through the highlights of the development milestones we completed throughout the year.

Q1 2019 Review
Let’s take a look together at what has happened during the first part of the year, and review Team Saturn’s progress so far.
  • Saturn API was released along with full documentation, allowing our exchange to be integrated with various tracking websites such as Coingecko, Coinpaprika or Blockfolio.
  • Our JavaScript client Saturn.js was released, allowing developers to create tools such as crypto trading bots that interact with our platform.
Q2 2019 Summary
Saturn Network presents its regular progress update in our Q2 2019 Summary with a new exchange UI release.
Saturn Q3 2019 Review
Saturn Network presents its latest investor update, summarising our Q3 2019 performance - which has seen monumental growth.
  • We completed a major upgrade for Saturn Wallet providing native support for more networks: TOMO, POA, xDAI, and RSK. Along with support for hardware wallet users and a special mode for dapp developers to enable testnet support.
  • A new Multi Chain HODL Dapp was launched which included a decentralized referral program.
  • Saturn DEX received an exchange UI upgrade including USD denominated prices, order book depth and candlestick charts, identicons, and more trading statistics to improve overall transparency.
  • Airdrop Tool was upgraded to become even more gas efficient and open-sourced.

Q4 Highlights

  • We announced a partnership with Pocket Network and integrated their Decentralized Relay Network into our existing infrastructure for interacting with the Ethereum network. We are happy to confirm Pocket Core MVP is working as expected and we have not come across any technical problems to integrate it into our platform. Their team has been amazing in providing quick support for any of our queries to complete the integration.
  • Our biggest HODL program to date was closed out which sold 200,000,000 SATURN and 150,000,000 STRN tokens.
  • The business section of Saturn Services went live offering marketing and blockchain development solutions for crypto projects. With future crypto services planned for a wider range of users.
  • The usefulness of our Dapp Dev Kit was showcased by completing a Gitcoin bounty in just one hour.
  • Token Info Pages were added to Saturn DEX allowing traders to find complete tokens details and project information for their research.
  • Saturn DEX's order book pages received a major UI upgrade to improve usability when trading and creating new orders.

Crypto Knowledge Base

We have also strengthened our position as a knowledge base and learning centre for cryptocurrency, DeFi and DEX adoption, and safe practices for trading crypto. This year we published numerous articles reviewing various EVM blockchains, different token projects, and exchange architectures.

List of cryptocurrency exchange hacks
Billions of dollars in Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrency has been stolen over the years. The prime target are centralized exchanges, here you will find a comprehensive list of documented cryptocurrency exchange hacks.
Decentralized Exchanges
Learn the lastest news about decentralized exchanges operating on Ethereum or other smart contract blockchains. Stay secure, trade on chain to never be hacked.
Blockchain Information - Blog | Saturn Network
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Token Profiles
Earn Ethereum and various cryptocurrencies trading profitable tokens on DEX. Learn about actively traded token assets on Saturn Exchange.

Moving Forward

We are very excited about going into 2020 and continue realising our Roadmap together. Undoubtedly, we are reaching points in our development roadmap that many of you have been waiting for eagerly since day 1 such as Atomic Arbitrage trading going live, Saturn DAO being deployed onto main net, and scaling our trading protocol onto a third blockchain.

Saturn Network Roadmap
Saturn Network Roadmap outlines a path to decentralized financial freedom powered by blockchains, smart contracts, DEXs and cryptocurrency.

From those three development milestones alone, you can already say that 2020 will be a very exciting year for Saturn Network. Along with the way the industry is moving: an increase in DEX adoption across the board along with a massive interest in more Dapps joining the growing DeFi ecosystem - a perfect storm for our platform to continue its positive growth.

Future is bright!

New to Saturn Network?

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