Market Cap Calculations

As you navigate Saturn Network, you will notice we display Market Cap as a metric on our Exchange Assets list and also on a token's order book.

Market Cap Example on Saturn Network

What formula do you use to calculate market cap?

Asset's Market Cap = Token's Total Circulating Supply * price24hr

Where price24hr is the asset's weighted average price, selected by looking at the asset's trades that happened within last 24 hours on Saturn Network. This data is retrieved and available to you via Saturn API.

Why does an asset have a different market cap than on aggregator sites such as coinmarketcap or coingecko?

It is important to remember that we calculate our market cap metric off the price data retrieved from trades that have happened on our platform.

Why do certain asset's have N/A as a market cap?

Our formula for calculating market cap uses the asset's weighted average price over a 24 hour span on our platform. If the token has not had any trades happen within the last 24 hours then the market cap metric will not be calculated.

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