Market Maker Bot Source Code Released

Another milestone reached! Market Maker bot's source code and logic is now available on our Github. And new video content from Digital Fortress.

Market Maker Bot Source Code Released

Hello everyone!

We have now released the full source code and logic behind our Market Maker trading bot for Saturn Network. You can find everything uploaded on our Github:

Market Maker bot is our first trading bot written in typescript. I am hoping to see some community versions in the near future! Typescript is a widely used programming language, so if you have been using our Market Maker Bot and have had an idea for an extra feature I recommend posting about it on our forum.

We can always start announcing developer bounties for interesting ideas to be implemented.

Another Milestone Completed


  • 18,530,110 SATURN sold on ETC, over 59% of this session's allocation.
  • 1,873,287 SATURN sold on ETH, over 29% of this session's allocation.

Happy that we have reached this second milestone together! Thank you for the massive push we have seen on social media since Neuron published the Wake Up People! article. I believe this has really helped our crowdsale move forward, and bring new eyes onto our project.

We have seen new members joining our community and immediately get to work on helping Saturn DAO grow, just today Rick from Digital Fortress published an introduction video.

Ideas for Bounties?

I have also seen many ideas thrown around our chat on what more we could be doing to keep promoting and raising our outreach, be it bounties for translating some of our key articles or to simply keep our threads on other forums active.

All great ideas - but really we would need to see some written proposals being made on our forum because for these sorts of campaigns we will need some committed members ready to manage them. Or simply take initiative! Tolgn1907 has translated our Saturn Ecosystem - How it works? article into Turkish - amazing work.

On our side, if your proposal makes sense then we will be more than happy to allocate tokens towards it.  

Keep it up!

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