Merry Christmas from Team Saturn

Merry Christmas to everyone from Team Saturn! We hope you all end the year on a cheerful note.

Merry Christmas from Team Saturn

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all well and spending time with your family! And if that is not an option well then come drop by our official group chat or our exchange's trader lounge on telegram & come chat. Our community is welcoming, vibrant and passionate about cryptocurrency: eager to help any level of users enter the world of crypto & just as quick to tell you your investment advice for the next heterogeneous artificial intelligence neural network with 9 billion TPS blockchain is complete nonsense.

And well we wouldn't have it any other way! Sometimes discussions get heated when opinions clash, but that just means we are a true family - right? Live, Love, Forgive! Saturn DAO is open to everyone, just as it should be.

Merry Christmas from Team Saturn!  

We know it is definitely hard to pick your eyes up & stop staring at what has been going on in your crypto portfolio, but if there is one week where you should give it a shot then it should be this one.

Here are some fun Saturn Network exchange statistics combined from across Ethereum & Ethereum Classic:

  • 136 tokens have been listed.
  • 2751 trades have been made.
  • 3879 orders have been created.
  • Our loyalty program has distributed over 275000 Saturn tokens!
  • Over 250 unique traders have been spotted!

Thanks for all your support! You can expect our development team to be quieter than usual this week as we take a small break for Xmas, resting up to come back stronger in 2019.

We know many of you have been asking what are our plans to increase usage of our exchange and to ensure our trading volume starts to increase quicker. Of course, this is going to be our main focus going forward, we are planning to publish an article early January to reflect on our performance throughout 2018 and what you can expect as our next steps.

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning our next steps that you would like us to address, please come and ask them here on our forum & they will be answered in our next article. In fact, you can treat it as your December letter to Santa: the most unique comment, suggestion or idea will receive a symbolic gift from Saturn DAO's development team!

Until then, the future is bright!

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