MetaMask Approve Connections Guide

If you are using MetaMask to trade Ethereum tokens on Saturn Exchange, before proceeding any further you will need to approve a connection to our website. This is because MetaMask now enables their privacy mode by default, which means before you can interact with any dApp you have to approve it in your settings.

Alternatively, we will not be able to detect that you have a cryptocurrency wallet enabled and you will be greeted with the following message:

Do not worry if this happens, you can approve our website in a matter of seconds. First open the Settings section:

MetaMask Settings Saturn Network
MetaMask Settings

And open the Connections section, where you need to add our website by clicking the blue Connect button.

Once that is done refresh your browser and you will see that you can immediately proceed with completing your trade or creating your new order.

MetaMask is a great cryptocurrency dApp browser, however, it is still restricted to only supporting Ethereum network. Which is why we would recommend trying our own Saturn Wallet or Nifty Wallet, which lets you enjoy trading Ethereum and Ethereum Classic tokens from one tool.

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