Love Looking At Trading Charts? Monetize Your Trading Skills

Looking for ways to monetize your trading skills? The Saturn Network is the perfect place for you.

Love Looking At Trading Charts? Monetize Your Trading Skills

If you love looking at market data and posting price analysis, then why not be rewarded for your skills? Sharing knowledge is great, but it is even better when you are reassured that it helped someone. It tickles that little part of our ego that we may like to hide but always exists, the "Hah! I was right!" feeling.

Let us take it one step further, with the accessible nature of Saturn Protocol's decentralized market data, why not show that your trading strategy is better compared to others? I am sure that is playing into your competitive trader nature.

And if that is not enough, what if I told you that you would easily be able to track a trading bot's performance? You know, to confirm that sneaky suspicion you have always had that you can outperform a bot when it comes to day trading.

Saturn Network is an easy way to monetize your trading skills

Our decentralized trustless architecture allows all the market trading data to be accessible for everyone to explore. Saturn Network's implementation means you can find this data on the website without having to understand blockchain code. Meaning you can concentrate on what you love and what you are good at: analyzing trading data and predicting market movements.

In fact, it provides you with two undeniable ways of building up a reputation for being a highly skilled trader.

1. With our upcoming forum tipping system:

  • Monetize your trading skills by starting or entering trading signal discussions on our community forum.
  • You can easily integrate charts into your forum posts with TradingView to complement your analysis.
  • Users will be able to tip you for your posts. The better your information, the more you will earn!
  • This will be visible, adding to your credibility as a skilled trader. Allowing you to sell your services in our trading marketplace.

2. Monetize via our trading marketplace:

  • With the use of our fund management service we will build a decentralized trading marketplace that will be completely trustless and cover all exchanges that adopt the Saturn Protocol.
  • Lack the capital to really make a profit? Make an agreement with an investor to trade his funds for a percentage of the profit, all safely enforced via a smart contract.
  • The marketplace will track your performance so investors can make an unbiased decision for which trader to use. The perfect place to really show your trading skills.
  • Coders will also be able to rent out trading bots in the marketplace, letting you see if your trading strategy really is better than a mathematical algorithm.

To summarize we will give traders a place where they can safely do what they love: predict the market, trade and make money. A decentralized platform where you can monetize your trading skills in a transparent & trustless environment. You will have a proven track record via all historical trading data being on the blockchain. Which in turn lets people invest in your trading skills safely via a smart contract. And don't worry it will all be very easy to use via our interface.

The Saturn Network, building the tools that are for the traders and by the traders.

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