Multi Chain HODL dApp

Our Multi Chain HODL dApp is a unique solution available on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic for providing a safe and secure environment for all parties involved in a token sale. We designed our HODL dApp as a new industry standard, as it is a way to secure investments that remains decentralized and trustless.

We believe in keeping crypto accessible to everyone, therefore, you will never see any KYC or minimum investment requirements on our platform.  

The best way to explain our HODL dApp is to think of it as a secure payment processor interface for buying SATURN tokens, though it could be developed for other tokens also. It is based on a time-locked token crowdsale smart contract we released in April 2018 with the main purpose being to allow investors to safely buy tokens on-chain.

It works by requiring participants to sign a smart contract to cryptographically lock-up their tokens for a designated period of time depending on their chosen bonus plan. As a smart contract is assured by the blockchain, investors can rest easy knowing that their purchased tokens do exist and will be redeemable after the lock-up period. Furthermore, our HODL dApp’s friendly UI is a great place for novice users to enter the world of crypto.

Currently, we use our HODL dApp as a way to conduct strategic investor programs. This allows us to continue to raise development funds to continue releasing innovating updates and tools, and sell Saturn DAO ownership to interested parties.

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