My Account Dashboard v2

My Account Dashboard v2 is now live. A big revamp, performance upgrade for our My Account dashboard. Check it out and let us know how you feel!

My Account Dashboard v2

We have finished development work on upgrading the My Account pages, with the new v2 dashboard currently released and live on the platform. The main feedback from our users concerning the prior version was it was occasionally slow to update wallet balances, required the website to reload when navigating different sections, it was missing crucial information such as Price Per Token on your past trades, and that it was not a great experience to browse on mobile.

Happy to confirm all of your feedback has been addressed, and all of these issues have been fixed with the upgrade.

Test Wallet My Account Screenshot

My Account Dashboard v2

  • Faster: the dashboard is now dynamic and lightning-quick, you can hop between Wallet, Orders, Trades, Airdrops, and HODL without having to wait for the page to reload - your account information will appear instantly.  
  • My Wallet Balances: your wallet balances are now pulled in real-time directly from the network. This ensures there is never a delay or de-sync between what you have in your wallet and what is displayed on our frontend. You will see we also show an Approximate Value of your token balances (amount of tokens * best sell price) to provide you with an estimation of your wallet's total balance. Of course, the best sell price is not always the market value so chances are you can create your own order and sell the tokens for a higher price.
  • Orders: you will now find much more information on your open orders, notably, you can track your order's position in the order book By Price and By Amount. For example, if your order is the best price on the market then it will be indicated as By Price: 1 or if your order is the biggest on the order book in terms of liquidity (most amount of tokens) then it would be indicated as By Amount: 1. You will see exactly how your order was filled with a new dropdown box to display every trade that happened on your order, these changes greatly improve the transparency on our platform.
  • Trades: we now display Price Per Token, you can Filter By Token and also if you want to do further analysis on your past trades you can Export your trade history in an Excel (.xlsx) spreadsheet.
  • Airdrops: where you can view any available airdrops to claim and see your airdrop claim history. We have now added buttons to immediately open a token's order book, so that you can easily trade any tokens you have received via airdrop.
  • HODL: here you can track any investments you made during our HODL programs, view your tokens locked up and redeem them when available. We added Price Per Token on this dashboard also, so that you can follow how your investment is doing compared to SATURN or STRN token's current market price.

We hope you enjoy these latest updates! If you have any feedback or find any issues when using the new dashboards, you can find a forum thread to discuss and report here.

My Account Dashboard v2 feedback
Today you will find My Account received a big update! Please give it a browse and tell us what you think.

In terms of where this fits into our current roadmap of Stage 4: Fenrir, navigating our platform now feels straightforward and natural for new users which was our desired end goal. The main idea was to ensure any efforts spent on attracting new traders would not be in vain. We are now confident any marketing efforts we commence around the launch of Atomic Arbitrage trading will be time well spent and will prove successful.

Future is bright!

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