Official Saturn DAO Announcement Channels

We have set up an official Saturn DAO announcement channel on telegram and also a twitter account, so you can quickly find updates.

Official Saturn DAO Announcement Channels

Hello everyone!

As our community grows, activity on our telegram chat has really increased, this is amazing to see and we will always love interacting with our community. We would like to give a shoutout and big thanks to Tanktop for the sweet sticker pack he put together for us & continues to update, he is also known as the ICOsensei and if you haven't already checked out his website - then you really should!

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And also Y0G1X & Phoenix who we know have been tirelessly spreading the word of SATURN on various social media channels, check out their blog here., Saturn Network blog review, phoenixcrypto blog review saturn network

And don't worry we know there are many more of you, remember we are all part of Saturn DAO & everyone is an essential part of the team. It is really great to see our community members working together and taking iniatives that will help our project be a success. We hope to see this continue and feel free to reach out if you have any ideas.

Saturn DAO Telegram Announcement and Twitter channel

We want our telegram chat group to always be a place where you can ask any type of crypto questions, and be a place where open discussion is encouraged. We don't mind hearing negative comments or even being told we are going in the wrong direction, just be prepared to back up your arguments. You can ask us to provide our thoughts on other projects(and we will if we have time!). The only messages we tend to delete are spammers promoting their silly pump groups.

We have always advised that we prefer talking on our main chat than private messages if you have any queries - if you have a question, then someone else probably has the same one! That being said, we are sure not all of our investors want to go through 200 messages to find an important update and we would hate to think of someone missing an important Saturn DAO vote in the future just because he or she missed the memo.

If you would like to only see updates concerning Saturn Network, and no other crypto content or news, then you can follow these new Telegram & Twitter accounts. Also, these accounts will only be posting when the news is published, allowing you to easily check them every once in a while & find the latest update.

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Future is bright!