On The Move With CIS Advisor Marat Salimov

Our CIS Advisor Marat is always on the move around Russia, let's find out more about what he is currently up to!

On The Move With CIS Advisor Marat Salimov

Hello everyone!

I thought it would be interesting for everyone to follow our CIS Advisor Marat Salimov as he starts on a roadshow around Russia attending conferences and events, with the goal of sharing Saturn Network's vision for decentralized cryptocurrency trading and promoting our project to more investors. It is a vital part of our marketing plan and one we would love to tell you more about.

He will also be able to gain valuable knowledge about the direction the industry is taking in Russia, let us know what investors and traders in the CIS region find most important. All in all, he will be a tremendous support to expand our outreach and grow the brand!

Marat has a wealth of experience when it comes to attending crypto conferences, a skilled networker who has been helping projects grow for many years. So far he has three key events lined up, two which he has already attended and there will, of course, be more to come:

  • Moscow Crypto Fund Day
  • Cryptoseason2018
  • Antinorma

A great chance for us all to learn exactly what happens at cryptocurrency conferences and learn more about Marat himself!

So Marat tell us a little about yourself, where are you from and how did you first come into crypto?

I was born in an industrial city called Nabereznye Chelny, Russia. It's just an average sized city, not so big and not so small, with little to do apart from work in the Kamaz truck production plants. For most people free time is spend doing sports or getting drunk, luckily for me, I preferred sports! So after school, I decided to move to Kazan and study Finance at the Kazan Federal University.

I've always loved the stock exchange, so I started trading on Forex but quickly realized it would be much better for me to focus on NYSE, NASDAQ or MICEX. This led me to work for a couple of years with various brokerage companies like Finam, United Traders or Exante. Mostly what I did was teach people how to become a trader.

The story of my entrance into the crypto world starts in May 2017, this is when I realized that only brokers were really gaining profits and they did not care about their clients at all. And then HFT algorithms pretty much killed day trading. At the time I was running a small fund, so I returned all the money to the investors and quit the stock exchange without looking back. At home without work, my mind was empty so I started to learn programming and one day I found some articles about cryptocurrency and ICOs.

Immediately I was hooked, the freedom that cryptocurrencies give people really struck true to me. And of course, with my finance background, I started to invest. I decided to enter the Aragon ICO first, and the rest is history! I still remember the unbelievable feeling of seeing my investments going up x2-3 in just a couple of weeks. When I look back I think I entered the cryptocurrency market just at the perfect time: right before bitcoin's big rally to $20000.

I think one of your most used messages is "I'm just getting on a plane" is it hard to always be traveling or is that something you just love about the job?

You know, sometimes I get tired of flights, especially when they take longer than 6 hours. But when I come back home and sleep as much as I want for a couple of days, then suddenly I miss traveling and just want to pack a bag for my next adventure. So trips around Russia are very easy for me, I love this part of my life. I am always planning future trips and want to see the world.

How did the first two events go?

The event is Moscow went very well, I was able to network with many interesting people and it had many representatives from Russian cryptocurrencies. They also presented a new idea for traditional hedge fund investors, allowing access to crypto markets legally via a brokerage account - which I thought was pretty cool!

Sochi was a bit of a downfall, the location was amazing but the conference was aimed at crypto beginners. I did meet some interest contacts from Shanghai and South Korea but in the end, I got a little bored and honestly, I believe the organizers were mostly trying to promote a scam project called Aunite to newbies. Why does a car club need a blockchain?

Unfortunately with the nature of the industry, I am sure there is a lot of scam events what do you look for when deciding to go to a conference?

Yeah, it's sad but it is very true. I went to one of these scam meetings last year in Dubai. It's sad when you pay for a flight and hotel only to find worthless projects that are using buzzwords and nonsense.

Before I choose a conference to go to, I usually look at the projects sponsoring the event and the main speakers. Even this meeting in Sochi, I carefully chose because of the speakers, but I will never go back to this event again due to the organizers. Sometimes I really get scared of the direction the industry is taking, I just hope the good projects will change the world.

Given all of our content is in English, is it hard to explain our project to newcomers in Russian?

In the beginning, it was very difficult to explain the main idea of the project because I am not a programmer and don't know so many technical things. And yes, sometimes it is very difficult to translate technical English into Russian. My English quickly improved through working on the project and being part of the team.

Like most of the community, I follow Neuron's articles as they are so useful and give me the ability to become cryptocurrency expert, haha! An easy explanation of difficult things is awesome, it just makes my life easier. So after reading all the educational material on this blog, I am confident to explain everything in the crypto world. But still, always in this industry, a lot of things to learn in future.

For people looking to become advisors in the crypto field, what do you suggest? Is it all about networking or should they read every whitepaper ever released?

I think it depends on the advisor's role. You can easily understand only basic things and bring lots of good investors to a project. Or you can help a project to be successful after the ICO stage in the development and product making stage. Or if you really reading every whitepaper ever released you can help projects to create a basic idea, to make it successful from the beginning. So my point is that you need to be expert in a sphere that you love.

Do you have any wild trading stories like Kawin?

Yeah, I have some. Every time that I invest somewhere there is a story behind it. I told you that my first investment was Aragon. So the day that I wanted to invest, I needed to change my BTC to ETH. And I made a big mistake I sent $10000 to an unverified account on Poloniex. So my money was stuck there because of daily withdrawal limits! I could enter Aragon with only $3000. So I was only able to earn $9000 instead of the $30 000 that I could have earned if I entered with $10k. I was pretty sad about that for some time!

And you know I did not even learn with time. Later when I participated in EOS, I got stuck with MetaMask. It would not work with their dApp so I closed EOS with only x2.5 profit when I could have made a lot more...

Great so I believe on the 9th June you will be at Antinorma, anything you would like to add about this event?

Antinorma is a big marketing event with an educational programme. I am expecting a really good event and networking lots of interesting people! Very excited as it looks like it will be a meeting with a lot of positive startups and businesses. We will be having some promotion at this meeting, which is really going to raise Saturn Network's brand awareness in Russia. So the future is bright my friend!