ONEX Network (ONEX) Token Profile

What is ONEX Network? ONEX is a popular ERC223 token deployed on Ethereum Classic and tradable on Saturn Exchange. Here you can find out their project and token details.

ONEX Network (ONEX) Token Profile

ONEX Network is a Proof-of-Stake smart contract token deployed on Ethereum Classic. This means there are no requirements to run masternodes to mint new tokens, which allows every ONEX holder to earn tokens as long as they hold for at least 3 days.

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ONEX Network (ONEX) Token Details

What is ONEX Network?

ONEX Network is a cryptocurrency project with a focus on being decentralized, championing public ownership where their token supply is not controlled by a single entity. Team ONEX aims to create dApps and tools that interact with ONEX token and the wider Ethereum Classic ecosystem. For example, they are behind the creation of the Saturn Tools website, which features a Token Gaming dApp.

Ethereum Classic Token Game Dapp is Live
Token Game, the ETC gaming dApp by Saturn Tools is here! You can play the jackpot styled game with ETC, NTRO, ONEX, BCT or STRN.

As ONEX is a low supply token which follows the ERC223 standard, you can trade ONEX/ETC instantly on Saturn Exchange without needing to submit any extra approval transactions. As long as you have a dApp browser that supports ETC, then you are good to start trading and minting ONEX.

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It has been some time since Saturn Wallet was the only working dApp browser for ETC! Let’s take a look at the best dApp browsers for Ethereum Classic.

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