Order Book Management

A large part of an active and successful token market on any platform depends largely on access to liquidity. Saturn Network provides all the tools and support needed to create digital asset markets that are healthy and attractive for traders to enter, which as a result will naturally increase trading volume.

Firstly, we achieve this by our decentralized design, with an order book that runs completely on-chain your community knows that trading tokens on any of our markets are true, transparent and fair. Secondly, we have released various open-source and free to use trading bots that have been engineered to provide a token marketplace with a tight spread to encourage a more stable and less volatile market.

We are also more than happy to set up Pricewatch bot and Market Maker bot on your token market, running them for you as an order book management service.

Contact Us

To discuss our order book management service further please contact us directly via email [email protected], we will work with directly to deliver a personalized solution that is consistent with your goals.