Our Products

Here you can find a list of our current products that we have released, which are all live and operational. As we are building our platform to be compatible with any EVM blockchain, every single one of our products is compatible with Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

As Saturn Network scales onto more blockchains, as will our products, as a result when we scale onto a new chain we bring with us a whole repertoire of decentralized products that enable new crypto ecosystems to flourish. As we like to call it, investing in Saturn Network is investing in growth.

Saturn Network Products

  • Saturn Exchange - A censorship free crypto exchange for ETH and ETC tokens with no need to create an account or any KYC verification, start trading immediately.
  • Saturn Wallet - A cryptocurrency wallet and dApp browser created to provide our users with the best experience when trading on Saturn Network.
  • Algorithmic Trading RSI Bot - A trading bot that automates its strategy of a token's Relative Strength Index.
  • PriceWatch Bot - An automated taker bot you can use to buy or sell tokens at the price you set, allowing you to never miss a profitable trade.
  • Market Making Bot - A trading bot that is engineered to keep a token's market healthy and active, aimed at project leaders or large volume traders.
  • Saturn HODL dApp - Our HODL dApp allows you to invest in Saturn Network in a decentralized manner, buy SATURN or STRN tokens safely with bonus plans.
  • GasToken Miners - Our GST1 or GST2 token miners let you to tokenize Gas on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic network, a way to save on future network fees.
  • Airdrop Tool - A tool for managing and automating token or coin airdrops to thousands of wallets, powered by a smart contract.

If you need any help using any of the above products or tools, click the links above to find detailed guides about each one. For any ideas or features that you would like to see in our released products, you can make a request here on our forum.

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