Our Services

Our Services

Here you can find an overview of cryptocurrency services that we currently provide. If you are interested in any of our services and wish to discuss your project's requirements, contact us via the following request form and we will be in touch:


If your request is not accommodated in our form, then please reach out directly via email:

[email protected]

Saturn Network Services

  • Exchange Listing: our platform is censorship free, which means listing your token on our exchange is FREE and automated.
  • Token Profile Page with Press Release: we have an active following on our blog and social media with over 10,000 subscribers, perfect for announcing your exchange listing or any press release requirements. Your token will also receive a more unique profile page (with links to your homepage) on our exchange to make it more attractive to traders and investors.
  • Promotional Airdrop: our platform's userbase is well versed on using cryptocurrency wallets and interacting with dApps which guarantees engagement with your project via a targeted airdrop of your token.
  • Trading Competitions: hosting a competition on our platform is an amazing way to keep your market healthy and bring in new liquidity.
  • Smart Contract Auditing: blockchain security is crucial for your project's success, a smart contract audit will give you the peace of mind that your dApp or token is secure.
  • Custom Token Development: we are experienced working on various chains and can bring your custom token idea to life, implementing all your required features.

You can learn more about upcoming services on our platform in the following article:

Crypto Business, Portfolio, Trading Services | Saturn Network
Here we outline our plan of launching several services that will complement our exchange by bringing in a massive amount of liquidity.