Over 15,000 ETC Total Volume Since Launch

Saturn Network has now seen over 15,000 ETC in trading volume since launch, that is over 7,000 successful trades!

Over 15,000 ETC Total Volume Since Launch

Hello everyone,

This week I thought it would be good to highlight our exchange statistics on Ethereum Classic, as we have cause for celebration! Our total volume since launch on Ethereum Classic has now surpassed 15,000 ETC - in USD that currently converts to over $136,000.

To think when we launched Saturn Protocol on ETC, token marketplaces did not exist and even dApp usage was nearly non-existent. And now just 8 months later, there are 89 ETC assets listed on the exchange and we have seen 428 users who have completed 7,120 successful trades. We regularly generate up to 10% of ETC's daily transactions and just recently, we hit a new high of 31 users in a 24 hour period.

ETC volume & users (Source: https://saturn.tools)

Here is what our current trading statistics on Ethereum Classic look like:

  • Total trades: 7117.
  • Total orders: 8297.
  • Token count: 89.
  • Saturn Classic DAO tokens mined: ~368908 SATURN.
  • Total volume: ~15404 ETC.
  • Total users: 428.
  • Volume last 7 days: ~450 ETC.

Quite an accomplishment for Saturn Network, and also I believe is a positive sign for Ethereum Classic as a whole - one that developers and blockchain businesses should take note of. If you think that these 428 users, most likely never used a dApp on ETC before interacting with our exchange: they are now comfortable using a dApp browser and much more likely to use other dApps if given the opportunity.

And the best part is we are seeing new users turn up every single week. Saturn Ecosystem is consistently growing, with no signs of stopping!

If you would like to read through the detailed weekly exchange statistics covering both chains, you can find it published on our forum.

Happy trading!

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