Pre-ICO tokens distributed

Saturn Network's pre-sale tokens, STN, have been deployed on Ethereum mainnet and have been airdropped to pre-ICO investors.

Pre-ICO tokens distributed

Update 07/11/2018: The information you find below is now outdated and no longer relevant, we are preserving and keeping it live for historical purposes! For a more up to date look at our project which now features a decentralized exchange that supports wallet to wallet trades in one transactions, please check out our main website.

STN Token Deployed

STN tokens are our pre-sale tokens that will be redeemable for SATURN during the ICO of the latter. While space for ETH backers may run out during the ICO when we hit the hard cap, we guarantee that you will be able to exchange STN for SATURN.

You can inspect the contract at this address:


How to check my STN balance?

In order to claim your STN tokens you will have to access the Ethereum wallet you've provided during registration. If you're using Mist wallet you'll have to add STN token's address into the list of tokens you're watching.

If you're using MyEtherWallet you'll have to unlock your wallet, click "Add Custom Token" and enter Saturn Token's address.


Click "Add Custom Token" and fill out the boxes like on the screenshot above. Make sure the icon next to the address matches the one you see on the screenshot!

Once the page finishes loading you will see your STN token balance displayed like this.


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