Pricewatch Bot

Pricewatch bot is a fully open-source and free to use crypto trading bot for Saturn Network. Our first trading bot, Pricewatch bot is a taker bot allowing you to automatically monitor any token marketplace on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic.

Following your strategy, our crypto trading bot will execute the trade for you automatically if it spots a buy or a sell at the designated price or better.

Currently, you can run Pricewatch bot on your own computer, a VPS or lightweight hardware such as a Raspberry Pi. For the best results, we recommend setting up your trading bot in an environment where it is online and running all the time.

Crypto trading bots are an essential part of our development plan as we believe they are a necessary component for creating profitable crypto trading strategies, notably because crypto markets operate 24 / 7 without any downtime.

We have published various tutorials on walking you through setting up our crypto trading bots, which you can find below, and provide full support on our forum.