PYRO Network (PYRO) Airdrop Promotion - Burn the Market

A new PYRO airdrop is open to everyone. Sponsored by PYRO Network, a deflationary token, to celebrate the launch of their market on Saturn Network. Let's burn the market!

PYRO Network (PYRO) Airdrop Promotion - Burn the Market

Happy to announce a new airdrop sponsored by PYRO Network to celebrate the launch of their PYRO market on Saturn Network.

  • 1,000,000 PYRO tokens have been distributed amongst 1000 active traders.
  • A second airdrop distributing 1,200,000 PYRO tokens is open to everyone.
  • Limited time offer, first come first serve!
  • Up to 1000 PYRO tokens.
  • On Monday 17th February, we will airdrop the wallet addresses that qualify.

How to qualify for PYRO airdrop?

  • To claim tokens you will use our Airdrop Dapp. You will need ETH available to sign the transaction and pay network fees.
  • You cannot use a custodial or exchange wallet.
  • Needs Dapp browser support (MetaMask, Nifty, Trust, Enjin) or you will not be able to claim, we recommend using Saturn Wallet.


Happy Airdrop!

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