Q1 2019 Review

Let's take a look together at what has happened during the first part of the year, and review Team Saturn's progress so far.

Q1 2019 Review

We are now nearing the end of Q1 2019, we thought it would be a good time to review our progress and summarise what has happened so far in the Saturn Network ecosystem.

For Team Saturn, Q1 was about updating our existing infrastructure and ensuring our platform would hold up working at a much larger scale. This meant our development team was very busy with backend work, which, unfortunately, from the outside can sometimes look like not much has been happening. It is a little bit hard to write exciting blog posts about how we have improved stability and load times with refactoring a little bit of code.

That being said, we are very happy to report that this backend work has been carried out successfully & has more or less been finished off with the recent updates to Saturn’s API. We are pleased with our progress during this first part of the year, and now feel we are in a much better place to start planning how we reach our ultimate goal of being open-source & distributing enough tokens to make Saturn DAO a true success.

Here is a quick summary of what has been accomplished during Q1:

  • Saturn’s API and documentation was released, which allowed the development of independent projects that are integrated with our exchange such as Saturn Tools & Saturn Bot.
  • Our JavaScript client saturn.js was released, which will allow the development of more great tools such as trading bots & website widgets.
  • We have seen over 4700 trades being completed & over 600 orders created, resulting in a total volume of over 150 ETH & 14000 ETC.
  • Over 600 different users have been seen making a transaction on our platform.
    Across Ethereum & Ethereum Classic there are over 240 tradable tokens on our platform - one of the largest offerings in the whole industry!
  • Over 3600 Saturn DAO tokens & 330000 Saturn Classic DAO tokens have been distributed by our decentralized loyalty program.
  • Saturn Network is now listed on Coingecko, Coinpaprika, DexIndex, Delta & Blockfolio. And because of these listings, you can also find our exchange listed on various other smaller or regional websites.

Our development team has also worked on what we felt needed improving on the UI & UX front. These updates have not been delayed, however, they are now also being developed to support a new feature that we have yet to announce. This new feature will greatly support our push to bring in new users, and as a result, improve trading volume & liquidity.

We are very excited about upcoming releases and are nearly ready to announce them in more detail. So stay tuned for more Team Saturn announcements! Also, we would like to thank our community for their amazing support during this first part of the year, we have really seen a push to come together and start working as Saturn DAO - which really is a beautiful thing to witness.

Future is bright!

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