Q2 2019 Summary

Saturn Network presents its regular progress update in our Q2 2019 Summary with a new exchange UI release.

Q2 2019 Summary

As we have now entered Q3 2019, we wanted to provide a summary on what Saturn Network has accomplished during Q2 and a development update for what is coming up.

Here is a quick summary of what has been accomplished during Q2:

Exchange Q2 Summary

  • We have now seen over 11,485 trades being completed and over 11,170 orders created, which resulted in a total volume of over 16,985 ETC and 252 ETH respectively.
  • Over 900 different users have been seen making a transaction on our platform.
  • There are now over 283 tradable assets on our exchange, which we believe is the largest token offering in the industry.
  • Over 6,329 Saturn DAO Tokens and 408,530 Saturn Classic DAO Tokens have been distributed by our trade mining rewards program.

Development Update

We have renewed our efforts to set Saturn Network up as the best decentralized exchange for new users to land on. While also ensuring we will be able to implement new features that will attract more active traders and liquidity, such as enabling trader leaderboards and regular trading prizes. And we are happy to announce the release of our first trading bot that can follow automated trading analysis and signals.

New Exchange Interface Beta Release

Today marks release of the new exchange UI. This first release will be a beta and we will actively be asking you for feedback. We have allocated SATURN tokens to be distributed amongst community members who provide insightful feedback or report bug bounties. Please direct all your thoughts and feedback to the following thread on our forum.

New website landing page

Please note the first release will not have access to our HODL or Airdrop dApp, these features will be added later, in the interim, the old interface will be kept live and entirely functional here: https://old.saturn.network.

RSI Monitoring Trading Bot

One of the development milestones we announced for our MultiChain HODL was to provide automated trading indicators. Today, we are happy to tick another development milestone off our list and announce the release of a trading bot that does just that!

This crypto trading bot allows you to monitor a token's Relative Strength Index on Saturn Network, and create an automated trading strategy according to the overbought or oversold conditions you set. If you need a refresher on what the RSI is and how RSI signals can help you form crypto trading strategies, here is a great article we wrote early that goes much more in depth.

We appreciate your feedback, which greatly helps us prioritize. If you have any new ideas or features you would really like to see, provide a suggestion on our forum or vote for an existing one. Many new features are being worked on which our new exchange UI will help us deliver, so expect to see exciting announcements during the next month.

Future is bright!

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