Saturn API - Full Documentation Released

Saturn API documentation covers everything a developer needs to know to create tools that interact with our exchange & products. Enjoy!

Saturn API - Full Documentation Released

Today we are happy to announce our exchange API's full documentation is ready to be released! We now have a Saturn API Reference website in place that developers can freely browse to learn how they can interact with our exchange or other decentralized tools, you can find it here:

This will not only help Saturn Network & any listed token submit their requests to be featured on any cryptocurrency price aggregator sites, as most websites do demand that the exchange's API has full documentation but also opens up the doors for developers to start creating automated price charts, trading signals or telegram notifications.


A step closer to trading bots

Currently, our released Saturn API is read-only, we will now focus on finishing our write API which will enable developers to create trading bots that can automate trading strategies for you. Once we release Saturn.js library, you will be able to code market making bots or arbitrage bots as it allows you to create orders and trade. We are also planning to publish guides on how you can code & set up your own trading bots. So do not worry, this is not something that will only be reserved for experienced developers - everyone will be able to set up their own profitable trading strategies.

Request new features or suggest ideas

We have also set up a new Feature Requests category on our forum. This section allows you to ask (and vote) on your favourite ideas that you would like to see our development team building. Every thread created in this category automatically has a vote inside it, which will allow our developers to easily keep track of which ideas our community feels are important.


Your number of active votes is limited, so please use them wisely & think about which features you believe need to be implemented. If a topic is closed or archived, then your vote is released back to you and can be applied to other topics but the vote count on the topic remains. The higher your trust level on our forum, the more votes you can make, so it is in your interest to be an active Saturn DAO member!

Please note this is not just for our API, please make feel free to make suggestions for any of our exchange, Saturn Wallet or any of Saturn's Toolkit. Though if anything in our Saturn API is unclear, then please make further documentation your first request!

Happy coding.

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