Saturn Classic Airdrop Completed!

Saturn Classic airdrop has been successfully completed! Another landmark for Team Saturn to tick. Welcome to Saturn Classic DAO!

Saturn Classic Airdrop Completed!

Today marks an important milestone for our project: we have successfully airdropped our 181 genesis block SATURN investors their Saturn Classic tokens! Which means 30,574,389.9136 Saturn Classic has been airdropped.  

For our eligible investors, to claim your tokens you simply have to visit our new Airdrop page while logged into a dApp browser with the wallet you used to purchase your Saturn tokens. Remember, Saturn Classic is an Ethereum Classic token, therefore you will need to use a dApp browser that supports ETC such as Saturn Wallet or Trust Wallet.

If you need any help, you can follow this guide we have published on our forum. We are particularly interested in feedback for our new Airdrop Suite Tool so please come and let us know how you found the process.

What to expect next?

Our next release will be to enable ERC-20 support in preparation for our release on Ethereum. There are not really many ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum Classic, but it does mean we will be able to onboard tokens such as GST, p3c or p4c.

Happy #SATURNday!

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