Saturn Classic Airdrop

On October 1st we will take a snapshot of Saturn ETH chain, allowing us to prepare our first airdrop: Saturn Classic! But how is this going to work?

Saturn Classic Airdrop

Hello everyone!

With the date of the October 1st snapshot approaching fast, I thought it would be a good time to go over how we are preparing to implement and execute our first airdrop. I am of course talking about our Saturn Classic airdrop.

Let's quickly go over our multi-chain airdrop formula:

ICO Investors: Our ICO participants will be airdropped the new token on a 1 to 1 basis. For example, for Ethereum Classic, you buy 1000 SATURN on ICO then you will receive 1000 SATURN Classic.
Strategic Investors: Our strategic investors are also eligible to be airdropped the new token on a 1 to 1 basis(your total amount including the bonus), as long as you participate before the ETH chain snapshot date. It also does not matter if your SATURN is locked up via our HODL dApp, you will still be airdropped.

So if you fall into either of those categories then you will be included in our airdrop formula. And if not remember that you can still become eligible by using our HODL dApp to buy SATURN before the snapshot date, making you eligible for all future airdrops on every chain Saturn Protocol adopts.

What to expect?

When we complete the snapshot, we will initially post the data on our forum so that everyone can access and check it immediately if they would like to do so.

Once the forum post has been made, I will announce it and also ensure it is emailed out to our subscriber list. If you have not already signed up for our newsletter, I would recommend that you do, this way you will never miss any updates concerning future airdrops. Our newsletter is sent out at most once a week, and it is a great way to follow our development updates.

Redeem Airdrop Page

Currently our development team has been hard at work to create the next version of our exchange, with it will come a new website look due to the nature of the update requiring a new UI.

This has given us an opportunity to work on new pages to further support our business requirements, such as redeem pages. It makes a lot of sense to integrate these features now, to make the airdrop process streamlined for future chains and also we will need redeem pages to distribute dividends.

The redeem airdrop page will allow you to check that your wallet address has been included and display the amount of tokens you will receive, so if you do not feel like checking the data we publish on our forum you can just wait for this page to be up. And of course once it is activated, you will be able to redeem your airdrop and receive your Saturn Classic tokens.

When will the redeem page go live?

We believe the best way forward is for the airdrop to happen in conjunction with our updated exchange being released on ETC. In the meantime, you will need to do the following to get ready for the airdrop:

  • Install Saturn Wallet - To interact with our airdrop redeem page, you will need a wallet that is able to access dApps on Ethereum Classic's network.
  • Import your wallet - Our redeem dApp will only validate your airdrop if you are using the same wallet you used to buy your SATURN tokens.
  • Ensure you have some ETC - You will need to sign the transaction to complete the process, which will require paying a gas fee. Remember fees are very low on Ethereum Classic network so you really do not need much in your wallet, even less than 0.5 ETC will suffice.

Our timeline for the redeem page to be ready is October 13th, and we will update the countdown on our website to reflect this. So for now, just sit tight! And if you would like to increase your airdrop, then you can always buy more Saturn before October 1st. Doing so will not only increase the amount of Saturn Classic you will receive it will increase the amount you receive in every future airdrop as we launch onto more chains.

Future is bright!

Excited about Saturn Classic Airdrop?

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