SATURN Classic is now STRN

More exciting news as Coingecko now displays advanced summaries for listed tokens following our API upgrades. Decision to change SATURN to STRN on ETC.

SATURN Classic is now STRN

Recently we have made several upgrades to our API that focus on ensuring Saturn Exchange is ready and compatible with being integrated into the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Our new Asset Links update is one of the features that has been made possible by these upgrades, and it allowed us to submit a pull request to Coingecko to display advanced trading summaries for any listed tokens - something that will surely please investors.

Spread, Depth and Trust Scores now displayed on Coingecko

Renaming SATURN to STRN for ETC chain

Unfortunately crypto aggregator websites and apps such as Delta or Blockfolio are unable to differentiate tokens with the same symbols. As you can see in the example above our own Saturn DAO Token's trading volume is being misrepresented, as tracking websites believe it is the same token being traded against ETH and ETC.

We want to improve our compatibility with the crypto ecosystem, as we believe increased interoperability goes hand in hand with adoption. Therefore, we have decided to rename our token's symbol for Ethereum Classic chain to STRN. This will be achieved by updating the token's symbol in our UI and API, which will effectively allow aggregator websites such as Coingecko or Coinpaprika to tell them apart as separate token assets and track them correctly.

Therefore, Saturn Classic DAO Token symbol will remain the same on chain and contract address will remain the same. We will also take this as a lesson learnt towards future chains, and moving forward will create unique token symbols for Saturn tokens on all new EVM chains that we will support.

Future is bright!

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