Saturn DAO Projects: A Proof of Concept

Saturn DAO projects & ideas are being actively developed by community members, a true proof of concept that our vision for Saturn DAO will be successful.

Saturn DAO Projects: A Proof of Concept

Lately we have seen the emergence of some incredible projects being produced by Saturn DAO members, all with the shared goal of helping Saturn Network's ecosystem to grow or adding value to the existing infrastructure. And this has made us very happy! We will go so far as to say these projects are the very proof of concept that shows Saturn DAO will be successful.

Community members taking the initiative to build tools they felt were missing from the platform or starting marketing campaigns themselves, is exactly the type of actions we believe shows our vision for Saturn DAO is becoming a reality. As we see it coming together and forming Saturn DAO at its core is a beautiful thing: a collective of people from every part of the world, accessible to everyone, working together with the same passion of not only enabling crypto to remain decentralized but also believing in a better & fairer financial future.

When you put it like so, it does kind of have a quasi-impossible Utopian ring to it, no? We will not stand up and tell you that Team Saturn has all the answers for the future - we do have a vision. It is one of community members working together actively, putting down the building blocks of a successful DAO, ensuring that when we do come across any barriers we break them down and find the solution together.

It is naive to believe a set of rules enforced by a smart contract, will suddenly ensure members will work together & coordinate their efforts: Saturn DAO ensures the platform is manipulation free and enables everyone to share ownership - it doesn't magically bring every idea to life. That is down to its great members putting in work!

Saturn DAO Projects

Today I have created a Saturn DAO Projects section on our community forum, the goal is to provide a place for community members to coordinate & discuss their ideas and for you to learn more about activities being pioneered by Saturn DAO members that aim to add value to Saturn Network’s ecosystem as a whole.

Saturn Protocol & SATURN can have hundreds of different use cases, some that we are probably not even aware of at this moment - all while being development by a completely decentralized team: Saturn DAO! And every idea that comes to life will increase the overall amount of users on the platform, increase the trading volume, which will result in every member receiving more from profit sharing.

Members & teams can highlight what they are doing on our forum, update the community on their progress & discuss any funding requirements. We are more than happy to reward great work when we see it! Or you can simply submit a proposal, and see if any Saturn DAO member is up to the task?

Future is bright!

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