Saturn dApps are Number One on Ethereum Classic

Saturn Network dApps are Number One on Ethereum Classic. Our tools are creating a huge adoption of ETC ecosystem. Buy STRN, invest in growth!

Saturn dApps are Number One on Ethereum Classic

Saturn Ecosystem is the number one used platform on Ethereum Classic. With our recent Spooky Airdrop promotion being extremely successful, Saturn dApps are currently the most used applications on ETC as per DappDirect.


Saturn Network number one dApp on ETC

DappDirect's independent analysis shows that our dApps claim all three of the top 3 positions, have seen 113 users and generated 396 transactions in the past 72 hours. And this is not including Saturn HODL Program, which also sees daily users interacting with its smart contract.

Claim Airdrops directly in Saturn Wallet
Saturn Wallet supports interacting with smart contracts directly, no need to use any external websites or third parties. Claim your airdrop directly on chain, this is what being decentralized looks like!

Make sure you check the My Airdrops page to see if you have any tokens outstanding to claim, and you can read the article to learn how to interact with smart contracts directly in Saturn Wallet - which means you can claim your tokens without even visiting our website.

Creating Growth on ETC Ecosystem

DappDirect is also showing as another important statistic: all of the ETC tokens that participated in our Spooky Airdrop: EBOMB, KLOWN2, and NTRO are now in the Top 10 used dApps! This is huge in terms of adoption for ETC, and it will only get better with our new version of Airdrop Tool which is being built using an internal version of our dev kit. It is already up to x50 faster, more efficient with Gas usage and therefore much cheaper to use compared to using an alternative tool or doing a manual airdrop.

Ethereum dApp Development Framework
Team Saturn is about to unleash #defi and smart contract explosion on EVM chains such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic. Join the Winning Team!

An incredible future for ETC dApps?

Our dapp development kit will create a future we all want to see: increased development and activity on Ethereum Classic - more usage is more adoption! With your funding, we can enable the creation of many smart contracts and dapps being built on ETC.

Invest in growth, buy STRN!

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Strategic Investor Programs: Saturn HODL dApp
Invest in decentralized finances via Saturn Exchange. Profit from blockchain adoption, buy Ethereum and Ethereum Classic tokens with no verification.
Liquidity for all ETH tokens thanks to Atomic Arbitrage
We are happy to report successful testing of our prototype for atomic arbitrage and would like to announce an IDEO to support this features development.

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