Saturn ETH Airdrop Tokens Distributed

We have completed distributing Saturn DAO Tokens for our Airdrop, which was a total of 1,272,500 SATURN! You can claim your tokens on our Dapp.

Saturn ETH Airdrop Tokens Distributed

A total of 1,272,500 SATURN tokens distributed, if your wallet address qualified you can claim your SATURN using our Dapp.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

We saw many of you sharing our promotion across various social media platforms, thank you to everyone who helped make our giveaway a success. Everyone who signed up and provided us with a wallet address that qualified has been included in the airdrop.


The distribution has been completed, so go on and claim your tokens! If you do not see a SATURN airdrop to claim in our Dapp this means you provided a wallet address with an empty balance.

We have also created the following guides below that explain how to use our platform to trade tokens, create new orders and manage existing open orders. They include step by step instructions, along with screenshots for you to follow.

How to Trade Tokens and Manage your Orders | Saturn Network
Learn how to use your DEX account on Saturn Network to trade Ethereum or Ethereum Classic tokens safely wallet to wallet and manage your open orders.
How to claim your Airdrop | Saturn Network
How to claim your cryptocurrency airdrop on Saturn Network? Airdrop tools supports erc20, erc223, ETH, and ETC. Claim your tokens easily in one click.

If you need any further support, visit our forum and ask the question.

Happy Trading!

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