Saturn Exchange UI Updates

Latest exchange UI updates have been completed, aimed at improving our platform's usability. You now have quick buy buttons, Coingecko links and more!

Saturn Exchange UI Updates

We have finished an upgrade today for the Exchange's UI with the goal of improving usability when trading and creating orders. When you click Buy, Sell or Create Order button the next page will now pop out and float over a token's order book, allowing you to click back onto the order book without losing what you were doing.

This is very helpful during the order creation when you may want to double check the market price before submitting your order. Here is how it looks, we encourage you all to give our platform a browse and explore the latest changes.


  • You now have quick buy or sell buttons that will fill the order accordingly: 25%, 50% or 100% of your wallet's balance.
  • Token's can now provide links to their community's Discord server and Coingecko page. Project leaders can follow our Edit Token Details process if you wish to submit them.
  • You can still share your direct order links, you can find them to copy in your My Open Orders section. Alternatively, click the Total Price column in the order book instead of the Buy button to open the direct order page.
Direct Order Links

We hope you enjoy the latest changes! For feedback we have opened a thread on our forum, please come join the discussion below.

Saturn Exchange UI Updates
Today we pushed out an upgrade to exchange’s UI which with the aim of improving usability during the order pages. You will now find the page pops out when clicking on Buy, Sell or Create Order. This allows you to click back onto the order book (without losing what you are doing) to check market pric…

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