Saturn HODL Allocation on ETC Sold Out

Our Saturn HODL token sale on ETC is now sold out. This means our first MultiChain Saturn HODL session has now finished, all the allocation has been sold!

Saturn HODL Allocation on ETC Sold Out

We have now sold out our Saturn HODL's allocation on ETC! In an extremely active week of trading where the past 7 days have seen over 1000 ETC in volume, we also closed out our first MultiChain Saturn HODL session.

This was our first HODL investment session on Ethereum Classic, which saw 70 participants and raised roughly ~1288 ETC of development funds. It allowed us to distribute 31,250,000 Saturn Classic DAO Tokens, which is a very important step for ensuring that future decisions made by Saturn DAO are truly decentralized.

To all our new members, welcome to Saturn DAO! To everyone who has participated, thank you for your support and belief in Team Saturn. Remember you can monitor your HODL purchase on our Redeem page, which you can now find under the dApps dropdown menu on the website.

More updates to follow, where we will overview the HODL's development milestones and future plans. Stay tuned!

Future is bright!

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