Saturn HODL Allocation on ETH Sold Out

Today we have sold out our Saturn HODL token sale on ETH! Our next development milestone has been reached, and we have also sold over 70% on ETC.

Saturn HODL Allocation on ETH Sold Out

We have now sold out our Saturn HODL's token allocation on ETH!

This means our HODL's investment session on Ethereum has sold 6,250,000 SATURN tokens, raised just over 50 ETH of development funds. And more importantly, it has allowed us to continue selling Saturn DAO ownership to interested parties.


We saw 32 participants enter our Saturn HODL on ETH, we would like to thank all of you for your support for Team Saturn and belief in our vision. And of course, thank you to every Saturn DAO member who has been continuously sharing our updates across every social media platform.

Next Release Milestone Reached

The next release from our HODL milestones will be to implement trading leaderboard stats. This will be a great addition to our platform, given that we recently added support for ERC20 tokens to our airdrop tool. If you add the two together, it means that it will be very easy to hold trading competitions on Saturn Network.

And then use our Airdrop Tool to send the winners their reward. We believe this will be a fun way to bring more users to our platform and provides an extra incentive for trading actively. Expect more updates on how this will look very shortly!

Saturn HODL on ETC Still Available

On Ethereum Classic, our Saturn HODL is still available and has not yet sold out. Currently, we have sold over 70% of this session's token allocation and until today it looked like it would sell out much quicker than our token sale on ETH.


If you have been planning to participate, then we recommend you do not wait too much longer! Doing some very quick calculations, if all of the remaining Saturn Classic DAO tokens are sold with a 25% bonus then there is roughly 370 ETC remaining.

Future is bright!

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