Saturn HODL Allocation Sold Out

Our latest Strategic Investor Program is now sold out on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Here is our Saturn HODL Program summary, and what you can look forward to next!

Saturn HODL Allocation Sold Out

Our Saturn HODL's token allocation has now sold out on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. A big thank you to all of our existing members for your continued support and to all of our new Saturn DAO members: welcome!

What is Saturn DAO?
Saturn DAO will govern our protocols daily activities, such as deciding upgrades or dividend payments to SATURN token holders.

HODL Program Stats

This investment session sold 200,000,000 SATURN and 150,000,000 STRN tokens, distributing Saturn DAO ownership while raising 507 ETH and 7914 ETC in development funds. It was also the most successful HODL program to date, being closed out in under 80 days and seeing 104 participants.

We already see both SATURN and STRN token price recovering on the exchange. Now that demand for new tokens can only be satisfied by the exchange it will be interesting to watch the price dynamics and order books change. Especially with the recent UI updates we have made that display more statistics and provide greater transparency to our markets.

Token Info Page and UI Updates
Here we cover our recent exchange interface updates to our website, which display more trading statistics and go through our new token information pages.

For example, we see the liquidity depth on order books is ~306 ETC for STRN and ~5.9 ETH for SATURN.

What is coming next?

During the end of 2019 and early 2020, we will be concentrating on the Exchange upgrades outlined in our Saturn Q3 2019 Review that focuses on improving our users' overall experience when visiting the platform to trade tokens. We are particularly excited about implementing Atomic Arbitrage to bring liquidity from other DEXs to our exchange.

Saturn Q3 2019 Review
Saturn Network presents its latest investor update, summarising our Q3 2019 performance - which has seen monumental growth.
Liquidity for all ETH tokens thanks to Atomic Arbitrage
We are happy to report successful testing of our prototype for atomic arbitrage and would like to announce an IDEO to support this features development.

Several of these upgrades have already been carried out: the exchange's UI is now more mobile friendly and our new token info pages provide you with more project information and statistics. We are very confident that the remaining upgrades and plans outlined in Stage 4: Fenrir of our roadmap will be completed on time - if not sooner.

Saturn Network Roadmap
Saturn Network Roadmap outlines a path to decentralized financial freedom powered by blockchains, smart contracts, DEXs and cryptocurrency.

Future is bright!

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