Saturn IDEO has now ended

Our fundraising Saturn IDEO sale has now ended. Bonus amounts for participants have been distributed. Here are the results on ETH and ETC!

Saturn IDEO has now ended

Saturn IDEO token sale has now ended with the SATURN and STRN orders on the exchange being cancelled last night. Thank you to all participants, welcome to Saturn DAO! And many thanks to the continued support of all our existing members. We have made several announcements recently, which along with Atomic Arbitrage and our dApp Dev Kit - there is a lot to look forward to for Saturn DAO members!

Tokenized Trading Bots | Saturn Exchange
Neuron outlines a new feature that we will implement by combining Atomic Arbitrage with our Ethereum Dev Kit, giving Saturn users the option of investing in tokenized trading bots.
Crypto Business, Portfolio, Trading Services | Saturn Network
Here we outline our plan of launching several services that will complement our exchange by bringing in a massive amount of liquidity.

Saturn IDEO Results

Here is the total amount of funds raised on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

  • 3409687.4012 SATURN sold, 34.1 ETH raised.
  • 530495 STRN sold, 106.1 ETC raised.

We saw 59 buys happen on ETH with 41 unique participants, whereas on ETC, we saw only 17 buys with 12 participants. Which is a little surprising!

Historically speaking we have always seen great support from ETC community, now it appears the tides are turning and we are starting to see much more engagement and demand for Saturn Network on ETH side. It could even be seen as alarmingly? Considering our tools and smart contracts are responsible for up to 10% of ETC's blockchain usage.

Wake Up People!
Neuron explains our hardest challenges of creating a truly decentralized financial system. And that the time for Saturn DAO to be more vocal is now!

Some may begin to wonder if ETC has any supporters left in the community anymore, or has it all been captured by corporate interests?

Bonus Amounts Distributed

We have now finished distributing all participants SATURN or STRN bonus amounts. You will find them available to be claimed on our website, in your My Account section under My Airdrops.

Airdrop Page

Just click the green claim button and sign the transaction with your dApp browser to receive your bonus tokens directly in your wallet. If you need any support with this process or have any issues claiming your bonus amount, please reach out via email:

[email protected]

Do not worry if you don't have time to claim your tokens today, they are safely being held in our Airdrop-tool's smart contract and can only be claimed by your own cryptocurrency wallet.

Future is bright!

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