Saturn Launchpad and HODL update

Saturn Launchpad is nearing completion, you can start adding your project's IEO details today. And we are so close to our next HODL release milestone!

Saturn Launchpad and HODL update

Development for our new launchpad platform has been moving forward very quickly and it is very close to going live.

We are now ready for cryptocurrency projects to start providing their details, along with listing their token on our exchange. Much like our automated token self-listing process, development teams can provide and submit all their project details independently via our Github account.

How to use Saturn Launchpad?

There are two steps to setting up your decentralized initial exchange offering (IDEO) on Saturn Network.

Need help? Ask here.

What next?

Once you have filled in your IDEO's details and submitted a pull request, then you will just need to wait until our launchpad platform is live and we have approved your request. Remember that your token will already be listed on Saturn Network which means you can request a listing to any crypto price aggregator site that has integrated our exchange. We have created a topic on our forum that has a list of sites where you can request a listing.

Saturn HODL Update

We have currently sold over 44% on ETC and over 21% on ETH, combined that is over 15 million SATURN tokens!

If you are planning to launch your IDEO on our platform and have not come across Saturn Network before, we recommend you read our Saturn Ecosystem - How It Works article. Essentially all our infrastructure is built on a shared ownership model, which means, exchange profits are shared among token holders. This gives you an opportunity to receive a share of the paid trading fees that are collected by your own token sale.

The next release milestone for our token sale is set at 50% on ETC or 25% on ETH, there is roughly 70 ETC or 2 ETH remaining to reach this goal. Really hoping that we can reach this milestone together during the week!

Future is bright!

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