Saturn Launchpad is Live

Saturn Launchpad is live with the first token sale via Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDEO). And our website has been updated to help onboard new users.

Saturn Launchpad is Live

Happy to announce that Saturn Launchpad is now live!

The first token sale on our launchpad platform, Masternode Invest (MS), has started with their first session lasting from June 1st until June 8th.


Our free to use launchpad platform allows any team to start their token sale via an Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDEO). Recently, we published an article that goes over the benefits of launching a token sale via an IDEO over using an ICO or IEO and how you can use our platform - we recommend any team planning their token sale to give it a read.

We see our launchpad platform as a way for projects to start fundraising immediately and safely without any barriers as Saturn Protocol ensures your token sale is accessible to everyone and keeps the transaction between the project and participants decentralized.

In its current form, we believe teams planning to use Saturn Launchpad should formulate their campaign around selling a small allocation on our platform - much like our own Saturn HODL token sale. A place where you can safely conduct a small investment session, that will help your project bring to life a pre-determined goal or milestone on your roadmap.

Exchange UI update to help new users

To support our launchpad's release, we have also made a couple of UI updates with the idea of helping out new users on our exchange. For example, the website will now let you know what you need to do, if you open an order without a dApp browser installed.

Install a dApp browser

And there are a couple of more scenarios also, such as if you are not logged in or have both MetaMask and Saturn Wallet enabled.

No Wallet Found

Of course, if you are logged into your dApp browser then you will never see any of these messages. The idea behind these changes is one to make our exchange more friendly for onboarding new users and also to support teams sending traffic to their launchpad listing.

As always if you have any feedback on these changes, please do come and let us know on our forum.

First development bounty paid out

Another thing I wanted to highlight this week, is that we have started to see more outside contribution for development. Neuron had announced a development bounty on our forum at the start of May, and after some discussion, we can see that PseudoDeterminist claimed the bounty. Well done!


This is a great sign for the future of Saturn DAO, as working as a decentralized collective will grow much more important over time.

Future is bright!

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