Saturn Launchpad

Our launchpad platform allows any team to start its token sale via an Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDEO). The notable benefit over launching your token sale via an IDEO over an ICO or IEO, is that being powered by Saturn Protocol your token sale is accessible to everyone in a safe environment. Our platform ensures the transaction between the project's team and participants is decentralized.

We see our launchpad platform as an ideal way for independent cryptocurrency projects to start fundraising immediately. A place where you can conduct a small investment session that can help you bring to life predetermined goals or milestones on your roadmap. Saturn Launchpad is free to use, as we believe every token should have the same opportunity to have a chance in the spotlight. This also ensures that you can free up valuable funds for marketing your project, ensuring your token sale is a success.

You can find a full tutorial on our forum on how to set up your IDEO on Saturn Launchpad, and we are always on hand to provide support. We also offer premium marketing services to highlight your project to our existing user base.

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