Development Update

Here is our latest Saturn Network developed update, September 2018.

Development Update

Hello everyone!

Here is a quick development update summary:

  • Radex Classic: will definitely be the next part of the project we release from a development point of view. We have tested that Radex's smart contracts work fine on ETC, currently, we are still working on a solution for replacing MetaMask. As soon as we can confirm a date for the launch, of course we will let you know.
  • Marketing: Recently we posted two articles about what our advisors Kawin and Marat do in terms attending conferences & events, this helps us raise our brand awareness with potential investors and create connections with people for the future. Online, rest assured we do run ad campaigns on various networks and this brings us plenty of new traffic every day to our main website.
  • Bounty campaign: We believe the time now is right to start a campaign where we can all band together and help raise our project's outreach together. We are building a DAO and want you all to feel more involved, remember you are part of the team! Many people this week have messaged me that they would like to help. We have not finalized exactly yet how we will run this and what we need, but as always we would like your feedback. Please come join in the discussion on our forum.

Remember, the future is bright!

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