Saturn Network listed on Blockfolio and Coinpaprika

Our exchange is now listed on Blockfolio & Coinpaprika! More places where you can start to track tokens being traded on Saturn Network, let's check them out.

Saturn Network listed on Blockfolio and Coinpaprika

Good news today as our exchange has recently been listed on Blockfolio & Coinpaprika. This gives our community more websites where they can track their favourite tokens being traded on Saturn Network. It will also help bring more developers over to Saturn's Toolkit as they know our platform can be used as a gateway for being listed on various price tracking websites. Which is something that investors do love to see in the cryptocurrency industry!

And the list of compatible price tracking websites will only continue to grow, we have at this time submitted requests to CoinMarketCap, Coincap, LivecoinWatch & more. If there is a particular App or site you would like to see Saturn Network listed on, please let us know on via our forum's request section.

How does Blockfolio work?

Once you have installed the App, you just have to click the middle Plus symbol to set up which coins or tokens you would like to track.


To find a token being traded on Saturn Network, simply search by the token's symbol & it should pop up on your screen. Unfortunately, the App uses a coin or token's symbol to decide what is what and does not seem to check if they may be two different coins. This is not the best approach as tickers or symbols are not really unique in the world of crypto!


For example, if you want to watch Bitcoin Classic Token you will have to add Blockchain Terminal and then set your market to Saturn Network.


This is something that Blockfolio could potentially improve, I've started a feedback topic here on their platform - maybe we could all give it some comments?

Coinpaprika Exchange Listing

Saturn Network has also been added to Coinpaprika, I am pretty happy about this listing as I have heard good things about their own API (as they have pledged to keep it free!) and that multiple developers use it in third party apps or websites (such as their WordPress Plugin). So this will hopefully mean Saturn Network starts to be displayed in places without even having to ask!

As we can see Coinpaprika acts a bit differently than the mobile app, as tokens do not appear to be automatically listed unless it was already being tracked. You can fill in the request form which will allow you to ask them to list a new token. The important question is when it asks about exchanges, for example for Saturn Classic, you would answer like so:

This should provide them with all the relevant information needed to list our exchange as a market, just note they have let me know there is a bit of a queue for listing new tokens. And I am counting on Saturn DAO to send in some requests!

That's it for now! Don't worry we have not forgot about setting up an AMA, we will look to confirm a date next week for this.

Hope you enjoy your weekend, and if you don't already have any plans then check out ONEX bounty campaign & gain yourself some tokens you can stake because...

Future is bright!

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