Saturn Network listed on CoinGecko

Our exchange is now listed on CoinGecko! The world's most comprehensive cryptocurrency data API. Let's take a look at their platform together!

Saturn Network listed on CoinGecko

Happy to announce that today our exchange has been listed on CoinGecko! As discussed in our recent Team Saturn AMA I have been busy chasing down crypto price aggregator websites that can list our exchange. It is important that we secure as many listings as we can across various price aggregator sites as everyone has their own favourite tracking website which they prefer to use, this way Saturn Network's outreach continues to grow organically.

CoinGecko has been in operation since early 2014 and their API is seen as one of the most reliable to query cryptocurrency data such as live pricing, trading volume, tickers, exchanges, and historical data. Add in that their tracking is the most comprehensive with over 4000 coins listed & that their services are all free to use, then it is easy to see why CoinGecko's API is being used by sites such as Etherscan, Trezor or MEW.

Customizable Widgets

Another positive for Saturn Network's listing on CoinGecko is that their API allows you to generate many different types of customizable widgets for any token they have listed. And it is pretty easy to do, no need to be a developer, I was able to create this one myself in seconds:

I believe this is great news for tokens listed on our exchange as it allows you to easily generate charts or live price widgets that reflect your token's price & volume across multiple exchange listings. This will help development teams quickly provide data for their token's price on their own website, something that I am sure their own communities will love to follow.

How to list your token on CoinGecko?

One thing I really like about CoinGecko is that unlike Coinpaprika they have immediately started to track all the trading volume on our exchange. As a result it gives you a really good overview of what is going on, however, as we can see there is a lot of question marks.

This is because the particular token has not yet been added to their platform, but do not worry adding a new token is free - they just need you to fill in their request form. Simply select "Coins" and follow the request form, I have been advised that currently they add new tokens in priority of trade volume and do have quite a bit of a queue.

So once you have submitted the request please do allow 3 to 4 days for it to be updated. If you see your token has still not been added after this time, please let me know on our forum and I will chase up your listing for you.

Future is bright!

Would you like to see Saturn Network listed on more tracking sites? Let us know on our forum, and be sure to follow us on twitter & subscribing to our newsletter for more content!