Saturn Network Listed On Enjin Wallet

Saturn Network has been bookmarked in Enjin Wallet's dApp browser. Promoting our exchange to their users as a place to trade Ethereum tokens.

Saturn Network Listed On Enjin Wallet
Saturn Network on Enjin Wallet

Just wanted to quickly share some good news today! Saturn Network has been bookmarked in Enjin Wallet in its dApp browser's Exchanges section. This will help our exchange be discovered by their users who are looking to trade Ethereum tokens.

Here is how it looks inside the wallet

Enjin Wallet markets itself as one of the world's most secure cryptocurrency wallets and advises that it turns your smartphone into a hardware-like wallet. Currently, it supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Chain and Litecoin.

It also provides you with a dApp browser that supports Ethereum, enabling you to trade tokens on Saturn Network or access our ETH HODL program easily while you are on the go with your mobile phone.

From a UI point of view, compared to some of the alternatives, we find this mobile wallet extremely easy to use and did not get lost at all from the first install.

It could definitely become an extremely popular way to manage your crypto safely across multiple chains, especially given that Enjin is in a partnership with Samsung - which means we could see Enjin Wallet being pre-installed on numerous smartphone devices. All in all, we are pretty happy to have secured this bookmark early on.

Future is bright!

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