Saturn Network Live On Ethereum!

Saturn Network is live on Ethereum! Our exchange is now operating on two blockchains simultaneously with token self-listing enabled on both chains.

Saturn Network Live On Ethereum!

Today marks another amazing milestone for our project, we are now live on Ethereum! Users can trade any Ethereum or Ethereum Classic ERC20 or ERC223 token on our decentralized exchange, making Saturn Network the first DEX to operate on two blockchains simultaneously. This means we are now collecting fees in ETH & ETC to be shared with our token holders, and also our loyalty program is distributing Saturn & Saturn Classic!

How can our exchange operate on two blockchains?

Well, we would be lying if we said blockchain development was easy! But if you want to break it down, remember that Saturn Network is a decentralized exchange with an orderbook that runs completely on chain and therefore, would be described as a dApp. When you use any dApp, you are actually interacting with a smart contract that has been deployed on the chosen chain. In our case, Saturn Network's UI lets you interact with all the deployed smart contracts that power our exchange across multiple chains. Allowing you to easily trade Ethereum tokens against ETH and Ethereum Classic tokens against ETC on one platform!

Codename Atlas  

One of Saturn's inner satellites, named after Atlas of Greek mythology, because it "holds the rings on its shoulders" like the Titan Atlas held the sky up above the Earth.

There are now three smart contracts powering our exchange, two are running on Ethereum Classic: Mimas & Enceladus and now the newcomer Atlas is running on Ethereum. When you open a buy or sell order the contract you are dealing with is displayed on the Order Details box as followed:

We recommend you start to familiarise yourself with this box and ensure you are checking it before proceeding with your trades.

How can I start trading Ethereum tokens?

All you need to start using our exchange is an Ethereum dApp browser, such as MetaMask or Cipher. There are many options to choose from and it will really come down to user preference such as if you plan to trade across both chains or solely on Ethereum. We have provided a full list of compatible dApp browsers on our forum. Once you have imported your wallet into your chosen dApp browser, then you are ready to start trading! If you need any help, please do not hesitate to reach out via our forum, we are always happy to answer any queries.

Is token self-listing live for Ethereum?

Yes! Our exchange is censorship-free which means we allow any token to follow our automated self-listing process. Please note to self-list a token you will need to create a buy or sell order, so you will need your chosen dApp browser set up & some funds available in your wallet. We do not have any listing fees on our exchange so simply following the steps will allow your token to be visible and tradable within a couple of minutes. If you are having any difficulties to list your token, please come and ask us on our forum. Note that our exchange is compatible with any token that follows a valid ERC20 or ERC223 standard, as our orderbook runs entirely on chain, if your token's contract does not follow the standard it will not be tradable.

If you would like your token's logo and additional information such as your project's website to appear on our exchange's dashboard and be visible in Saturn Wallet then we do have one requirement. Don't worry it is not a big one, we simply ask that you make an announcement post on our forum in our cryptocurrencies section. This thread will also be linked on our exchange, so please provide complete information, the idea is that our community can quickly find a place to discuss a token together and ask questions. Though a token's discussion thread does not necessarily need to be made by a project's team member or official representative, we recommend that it is as it creates a communication channel between our community and the token's development team.

Once your forum post has been made, you just need to upload your token's logo to our Github and submit a pull request which you can find here. If you are not familiar with Github, feel free to highlight @Sam on our forum and he will assist you with this step.

What is coming up next?

Currently, we will be monitoring our exchange's performance now that we are live on two chains to ensure our backend is all working smoothly. Please continue to provide us with feedback or ideas for new features! In terms of what the next release will be, we will be focusing on improving our dashboards & UI for having an influx of new token listings. Also we are in the finishing stages of getting our exchange's API ready to be compatible with tracking sites such as CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko.

Future is bright!

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