Saturn Network Strategic Investor Program

An important update on the changes to the strategic investor program conditions following your feedback

Saturn Network Strategic Investor Program

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Update: Strategic Investor Program is now live

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Thank you to everyone who provided us with feedback regarding our strategic investor program's conditions ahead of our ICO starting in May. We felt the best way to move forward was to involve our community and follow your recommendations. Listening to our supporters is something that has been at the heart of our ideology since day one.

We have decided to make the following changes:

  • There will no longer be any minimum investment amount required.
  • You will now have three options to choose from via our dApp.
  • We are going to run this bonus until the whole pool of strategic investor funds runs out. Please note you can only use ETH for this bonus, not STN.
  • Anyone who participates in our strategic investor program is eligible for airdrops on other blockchains.

The three bonus options available:

  1. A 10% bonus with a 12 weeks lock-up.
  2. A 25% bonus with a 24 weeks lock-up.
  3. A 50% bonus with a 52 weeks lock-up.

There is only 150,000,000 SATURN available for the strategic investor bonus, so act fast to ensure you do not miss out.

This allows you to become part of the Saturn DAO immediately, giving you the possibility of receiving dividends as a token holder. For more information check: What is SATURN token?

How do I get a link to our presale dApp?

presale, strategic investor program, saturnnetwork, radex, crowdsale, ico, decentralized trading

Also please keep in mind that we are taking investment via a smart contract, this means if you want to use our dApp to easily withdraw your SATURN tokens you need to use Saturn Wallet, MetaMask, Cipher or TrustWallet to invest.

Here is a simple tutorial for setting up Saturn Wallet on brave browser.

If you have any queries about this or need any help setting up a wallet, please come message me in our telegram.

Just as before if you are still concerned about locking up your SATURN tokens or are planning to use STN to invest in our ICO then you will have to wait until the 1st May.

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